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2.11 Create Oracle 10g XE Sample Database using .net vs 2010 tocompose pdf 417 for web,windows application Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Figure 2.65. Create the foreign key between the StudentCourse and Course tables. Our databa se creation for Oracle Database 10g XE is completed. The completed Oracle Database 10g XE sample database CSE DEPT that is represented by a group of table les can be found in the folder database\Oracle, located at www.cambridge.

org/9780521712354. Refer to Appendix F to get more detailed information if you want to use this sample database in your Visual Basic applications. At this point, we have nished developing and creating all the sample databases we will use later.

All these sample databases will be utilized for different applications we will develop in the following chapters in this book.. Figure 2.66. The nished foreign key creation window for the StudentCourse table. Introduction to Databases 2.12 CHAPTER SUMMARY A detailed discussion and analysis of the structure and components of databases was provided in this chapter. Some key technologies for developing and designing a database were also discussed in this part. The procedure to develop a relational database was analyzed in detail and demonstrated with some real data tables in our sample database, CSE DEPT.

The process of developing and building a sample database was discussed in detail, including the following points: De ning relationships Normalizing the data Implementing the relational database In the second part of this chapter, three sample databases were developed with three popular database management systems, namely, Microsoft Access, SQL Server 2005, and Oracle Database 10g XE. All three sample databases will be used in the following chapters..

2.13 HOMEWORK I. True/Fa lse Selections 1. The database development process involves project planning, problem analysis, logical design, physical design, implementation, and maintenance.

2. Duplication of data creates problems with data integrity. 3.

If the primary key consists of a single column, then a table in 1NF is automatically in 2NF. 4. A table is in rst normal form if there are no repeating groups of data in any column.

5. When a user perceives a database as made up of tables, it is called a Network Model. 6.

The entity integrity rule states that no attribute that is a member of the primary (composite) key may accept a null value. 7. When creating data tables for the Microsoft Access database, a blank eld can be kept blank without any letter in it.

8. When creating data tables in an SQL Server database, a blank eld can be kept blank without any letter in it. 9.

The name of each data table in an SQL Server database must be pre xed by the keyword .dbo. 10.

The Sequence object in an Oracle database is used to automatically create a sequence of numeric numbers that work as the primary key. II. Multiple Choices 1.

There are many advantages to using an integrated database approach . over a le processing approach. These include.

2.13 Homework a. b. c. d. Minimizing data redundancy Improving security Data independence All of the above 2. The ent ity integrity rule implies that no attribute that is a member of the . primary key may accept a(n) a.

b. c. d.

Null value Integer data type Character data type Real data type .. 3. Reducin PDF417 for .NET g data redundancy will lead to a.

b. c. d.

4. Deletion anomalies Data consistency Loss of ef ciency None of the above. are used t o create relationships among various tables in a database. a. b.

c. d. Primary keys Candidate keys Foreign keys Composite keys.

5. In a sm barcode pdf417 for .NET all university, the department of computer science has six faculty members.

However, each faculty member belongs to only the computer . science department. This type of relationship is called a.

b. c. d.

One-to-one One-to-many Many-to-many None of the above. 6. Client server databases have several advantages over le server data. bases.

These include a. b. c.

d. e. Minimizing chances of crashes Provision of features for recovery Enforcement of security Ef cient use of the network All of the above .

. 7. One can PDF417 for .NET create foreign keys between tables a.

b. c. d.

Before any table can be created When some tables are created After all tables are created With no limitations.
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