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Right to development and development assistance using .net framework toinclude data matrix barcodes in web,windows application Bar code to 2D Code governments. For example DataMatrix for .NET , the commentary to paragraph 10 of the norms mentions that the transnational corporations are under a duty to encourage social progress and development by expanding economic opportunities particularly in developing countries and, most importantly, in the least developed countries .

135 This could be interpreted as encouraging the transnational corporations to act so as to in uence the policies of the countries in which they operate. As we will see in our section on radical proposals , some think this is the way to go in propagating human rights (including the RTD). Others, however, including Ruggie (and the authors), are unhappy about this view of corporate responsibility, as they believe it is governments that ought to have the primary responsibility for protecting and promoting human rights.

States are also not likely to accept such an encroachment on their sovereignty and on the principle of noninterference. Finally, we would like to mention a recent initiative on the business/ human rights issue, announced in August 2007 by Ruggie and the International Finance Corporation.136 The initiative consists of a study of the impact of investment agreements on citizens in the developing world.

The study will examine, in particular, clauses in contracts between lenders and states that either freeze the human rights laws that affect investors, or that compensate investors for the costs incurred by complying with new human rights laws . Indeed, many contracts have clauses that specify that a country cannot change labour, environmental or other laws after a project contract has been signed, or that do not allow a country to vary some of the terms of the contract even in cases of emergency (for example if a contract guarantees a speci c water supply for an industrial project, states cannot divert that supply to humanitarian purposes in the event of drought). One of the recommendations of the report may be that governments should be able to override such clauses through domestic or international legal instruments in order to avoid corporate human rights abuse.

Without knowing much about the contracts in question, this seems to us a most sensible idea.. Soft-law standards There is an increasing n data matrix barcodes for .NET umber of soft-law standards, re ecting the present view of transnational corporations as potential contributors to global human rights implementation..

The Liberal Project and Human Rights The 2000 (Revised) OECD .net vs 2010 Data Matrix guidelines recommend that rms respect the human rights of those affected by their activities consistent with the host government s obligations and commitments ,137 including the host state s international commitments.138 As a result of pressure by civil society, individuals are now allowed to make a complaint against a multinational rm operating under the OECD Guidelines to a national contact point, in a non-judicial review procedure .

139 The International Finance Corporation has eight performance standards that companies must meet if they want to qualify for the Corporation s investment funds. The performance standards include several human rights components.140 If the project requires so, the Corporation may ask for impact assessments that include such human rights components, as well as community consultation.

Here too, there is a grievance mechanism: anybody who believes that they have been negatively affected by a Corporation s project can raise their concern with a Compliance Ombudsman.141 However, most companies lack technical skills in the area of human rights impact assessment. In response to that problem, the International Finance Corporation and the International Business Leaders Forum, together with the United Nations Global Compact, developed the Guide to Human Rights Impact Assessment and Management.

142 The guide is a work in progress; and, as the Corporation states:. this current draft versi on has been published to allow companies from different business sectors to test it in practice and for various stakeholders to comment. The experience gained from the road-testing will be used to further re ne the guide. A revised version of the guide will be published by mid-2009.

143. For companies in the ext Data Matrix 2d barcode for .NET ractive sector, there are also Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. The Principles were initially launched in late 2000 and the multi-stakeholder process was convened by the Governments of the United States and the United Kingdom, more recently joined by the Governments of Norway and the Netherlands.

Participating non-governmental organizations include Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Pax Christi and most of the leading mining and oil and gas companies. The purpose of the Principles is to provide a framework within which companies can ensure the legitimate security of their employees and assets without adversely affecting the human rights of people living in communities close to company operations .144.

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