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The Hammer of Witches 216A B using barcode creation for .net control to generate, create data matrix image in .net applications. Web service and Baptism, a visual .net ECC200 nd that as a pagan, apostate and enemy of God he forever incurs the grievous anger of God, unless he is corrected through the Church s penance and is reconciled to God. The judge would therefore not fail if in accordance with the foregoing he always makes use of the lawful remedies and the nal stratagems written below.

[Note on Sources Major identi ed source for Q. 15(2): Eymeric, Dir. Pt.

3 Practices to be observed by inquisitors in the examination of heretics (observanda ab inquisitoribus in examinatione hereticorum) Nider, Praec. 1.9] question s ixt ee n: the t ime and m ethod t wo of question ing (st ep t welve), concerning the final stratagems to b e obs erved by t he judge 274 A few things s houl d 274 be noted about the foregoing.

The rst 216B is that they should be questioned on more holy days and during the rites of the Mass. In this way, the congregation may also be urged to pray for God s help in general (no speci cation should be made except that the Saints should be invoked against all harassment on the part of demons). The second are the notes made above about Blessed Salt and other things in combination with writing down on a sheet of paper the Seven Words275 uttered by Christ on the Cross.

These should be bound up together and attached to her neck, and Blessed Wax the length of Christ s body276 (if such a length can be conveniently obtained) should be bound to her naked body. Experience has shown that the sorceresses are disturbed in a wondrous way by these things and can barely keep them on, especially Relics of the Saints. After these preparations have been made and the Holy Water offered for drinking, she should again be made ready for the questioning under torture, being constantly urged as before.

When she is raised from the ground (if being tortured in this way),277 the judge should read (or have read) the statements of the witnesses with the names supplied,278 speaking as follows. Look, you are convicted by witnesses. If the.

274 275 276 277 278. For the misnum DataMatrix for .NET bering of this question, see n. 215.

See Pt. ii n. 596.

See Pt. ii n. 608.

See n. 234. Given the care with which the names have hitherto been concealed, it seems surprising that so little is made of the change of procedure, but the fact that the text immediately goes on to.

Part III 216C D witnesses wish Data Matrix ECC200 for .NET to confront her face to face, then the judge would ques- 216C tion her as to whether she would be willing to confess if the witnesses are brought before her. If she agrees, the witnesses would have to be brought in and put in her presence, in case she would confess something through shame or embarrassment.

Finally, if he sees that she is not willing to reveal her crimes, he will question her as to whether she is willing to undergo the judgment by glowing iron to establish her innocence. They all are eager for this, knowing that they will be kept from harm by demons, and they are thereby recognized to be truly sorceresses.279 The judge will reply by asking what rashness could lead her to subject herself to such dangers.

All this should be written down. (It will be explained below280 that that judgment by glowing iron should not be granted to them.) The judge should also note that they have often confessed on Fridays, particularly until the ringing of the bells for the Last Breath of Our Savior.

281 We should proceed to the nal situation, that is, one of complete denial on her part. If she persists in this denial, the judge will release her (he should still make use of the following stratagems) and take her from the penal prison to another (well forti ed) one for detention. He 216D should, however, ensure by every means that she is not handed over to pledges or sureties or otherwise released through a grant of bail, because when they are given to a surety, the truth is never had from them, and in fact they are made worse.

282 What he should rst see to is that she should be treated humanely in terms of food and drink, and that in the meanwhile respectable people who are not suspect should enter to speak to her frequently about various irrelevant matters and eventually advise her in con dence that she should confess the truth, promising that the judge will grant her grace283 and that they are willing to act as intermediaries. To this end, the judge will enter and promise to grant grace, understanding to himself or to the. allow the poss ibility of directly confronting the accused with the witnesses indicates that it is in fact intended that the witnesses are now to be identi ed. 219C D. Q.

17 (218A 219D). With a false equation of the ancient method of reckoning the daylight hours (twelve hours of variable length with the hour after dawn counted as the rst) with the xed hours of 6 a.m.

to 6 p.m. as counted by a clock, it was thought, on the basis of Luke 23:44 ( And it was now [at the time of the cruci xion] about the sixth hour, and a darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour ), that the death took place at 3 o clock in the afternoon.

Presumably, this statement re ects Institoris s experience with the deleterious effects of releasing suspects from his clutches. I.e.

, a pardon.. 279 280 281. 282 283.
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