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Perspectives use software ansi/aim code 128 generation toreceive code 128 code set b for software QR Code Overview You coined Code128 for None AORTA long before most of us thought it was possible. Could you please discuss your vision of AORTA and how do see it impacting our daily lives I guess it was 4 years ago when I started this idea and what occurred to me was that there is going to be a discontinuous step function like change in human behavior when they are given access to the Internet is an instantaneous way. Unlike dialup, where you have to wait for dialup and response, you get access to the net with the speed of thought.

You just get it, the result would be that you would be in touch all the time. You turn to those devices and information re exively for transactions and communications. That is such a huge change from previous thinking that it would create a revolution over the years.

We have seen acceleration in communications, commerce, and results, etc., all that is happening now. What are some of the key components for a business model in the wireless industry to succeed If you could illustrate by using examples of successes and failures.

Operators who come to the market with wall-gardened approach even in low-bandwidth space didn t succeed. Partly because of bandwidth, but even more important as i-mode shows that it shouldn t be a walled garden. The primary success of i-mode is the intelligence of Japanese operators to allow even renegades to use their network .

. . you had certi ed ISVs who were allowed to use NTT s billing system but half of the ISVs were uncerti ed, this is just great! Bill Gates model.

You want to have as many developers as possible and let them gure out what is going to be popular and what s going to catch on. That business model is brilliant. That will be the basic biz model for all operators in the future.

Operators should provide a platform, provide value-add through billing services, QoS services, and infrastructure bene ts and then let ISVs come and take the risk. Where do you see China in all of this China is a dif cult market to assess as it is so driven by politics and that will probably stay true. It makes for a dif cult investment environment; it is hostile even though a lot of people are vying for that business.

It will get better with time. Whether you are Qualcomm and have been hurt a few times in public and saw a drop in stock price because contracts suddenly disappeared, or anybody else, you are nervous. Market is growing faster but there are impediments.

Actually, most of Chinese see this and want to make changes and make the problems go away. They want to make their own and export infrastructure equipment. It is not hard to imagine that in 5 years China will be the hot-bed for wireless.

Which carriers/countries do you think get AORTA and are progressively working towards that goal A lot of this is happening with teenagers rst. It started with Nordic teens, then to Japan with i-mode rollout, then again in Japan with teenagers and 3G rollout there. I am sure that people in Europe who are rolling out the infrastructure hope the same kind of demand will pick up there.

The wireless world will be led by teenagers and they will use short messages and pictures as their primary means of communication. I think gaming is misunderstood still and is going to be huge. If you have to look at applications that will drive this, I always believed it will be sex and gambling.

You can take it the wrong way but the taking advantage of romantic impulses is an opportunity and business driver. In your experience in the wireless industry, what has consistently surprised you the most The slowness in the US market. The only light I see at the end of the tunnel, ok, two lights that I see at the end of the tunnel.

One is foreign companies, not US companies, purchasing US assets.
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