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Notes to Pages 159 165 use .net framework pdf417 encoding togenerate pdf417 2d barcode with .net Microsoft Visual C# program, whi VS .NET PDF-417 2d barcode le Thao spent most of the program s duration serving as a provincial chief. Both Hoang Lac and Rufus Phillips said that Thao did not exert any in uence over the program at the national level.

Hoang Lac, interview with author; Rufus Phillips, interview with author. In addition, most South Vietnamese leaders suspected that Thao was working secretly for the Communists because of his past Communist af liation. See Harkins to Taylor, 31 August 1963, FRUS, 1961 193, vol.

4, 33; Saigon to State, 29 October 1963, FRUS, 1961 193, vol. 4, 225. 36.

Nhu had intended to in uence the ghting in this way. He explained in March 1962, With the strategic hamlets, we disrupt the Viet-Cong liaison channels, food supplies, information sources; they cannot in ltrate any longer. They then have to come out in the open and attack the hamlets in mass.

We force them into the type of warfare in which we are superior to them. Ngo Dinh Nhu, speech, 19 March 1962, PRO, FO 371 /166702. 37.

Hilsman argued, Some easing of the United States pressure on Diem for major reforms and reorganization of his government at the top seems called for. Although desirable, none of these are fundamental to the problem of cutting the Viet Cong s access to the villages and the people. Hilsman, A Strategic Concept for South Vietnam, 2 February 1962, FRUS, 1961 1963, vol.

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2, 68. 39. Heavner to Wood, 3 August 1962, FRUS, 1961 1963, vol.

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Le Duan, Thu Vao Nam, 50 67. In December, the North Vietnamese reiterated that the strengthening of the South Vietnamese government had placed military victory out of reach. Busch, All the Way with JFK , 127.

That same month, the North Vietnamese Politburo expressed hope that many limited victories would compel the enemy to yield control of South Vietnam. The Politburo acknowledged, though, that the South Vietnamese government might in the future still be able to continue the war by making new efforts and using new plots and tricks, and therefore the Politburo called for expansion of the armed forces in the South over a period of several years to ght larger battles. Vien Nghien Cuu Chu Nghia Mac Lenin Va Tu Tuong Ho Chi Minh, Lich Su Dang Cong San Viet Nam, Tap II, 239 41.

For the next year, nevertheless, Hanoi would act as if it did not foresee decisive military actions any time soon, continuing to rely primarily on small attacks aimed at wearing down Diem s forces. 43. Bernard Fall, Viet-Nam Witness, 1953 1966 (New York: Frederick A.

Praeger, 1966), 105 14. 44. Guan, Vietnamese Communists Relations with China, 226.

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Goscha, Vietnam and the World Outside, 182; Xiaoming Zhang, China s Involvement in Laos During the Vietnam War, 1963 1975, Journal of Military History, vol. 66, issue 4 (October 2002), 1158. 47.

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