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Add-In cards using none toincoporate none for web,windows application ISSN The most c none for none ommon way to provide an FXO port is with an internal PCI interface card. These can range in price from around $30 to more than $2000 depending on brand, features, and number of ports. The lowest cost cards are the single FXO port X100P cards from http://X100P.

com.. Beware of the cheap X100P clone cards that you can get from on-line auction sites; these are usually sold for $12 or less and are simply cheap Intel WinModem cards. These cheap imitations will cause you all kinds of problems from IRQ issues, to major echo problems, to simply not working..

For a 1-4 none none line installation you can get good quality cards from companies such as Digium, Sangoma, Rhino, and OpenVox. For an actual production system it is highly recommended that you spend the extra money to get a card that has on-board hardware echo cancellation..

[ 34 ]. Download at Boykma.Com 2 . SIP gateways Besides us ing an internal card, an external SIP gateway can be a good solution as well. A SIP gateway will provide an FXO port to connect to your POTS line and then connects to your local area network. Calls on the POTS line are converted to digital packets and sent as VoIP to the PBX system.

Some of the advantages to using external SIP gateways include: No issues with IRQ conflicts Phone line interface does not have to be physically close to the PBX system The gateways can be placed in the phone room and connect to the PBX in a server rack somewhere else. The PBX doesn"t even have to be in the same building; once the call is converted to VoIP, the PBX can be anywhere on the Internet..

Some commo none for none n SIP gateways include the Linksys SPA-3102, which not only has an FXO port to connect your POTS line to, but also has an FXS port so that you can connect an analog phone to it and use it as an extension to your PBX. Other SIP gateway products that work well with trixbox include the four-port Linksys SPA400 and the four-port Grandstream GXW4104..

VoIP providers Certainly none none a more and more common way to get phone service into your phone system is with the use of a VoIP service provider, also known as an Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP). Using SIP or IAX protocols an ITSP can provide you with a DID (Direct Inward Dial) phone number and allow you to place calls to regular phone numbers through its service..

[ 35 ]. Download at Boykma.Com What is trixbox While usin none none g an ITSP is often less expensive than using regular phone circuits, the downside is that you are reliant on your Internet access for your phone service and even the best Internet connections are less reliable than regular phone lines. While in many places Internet reliability has improved dramatically over the years, you can"t control the quality of the connection when your calls are going out over the Internet. Activities like file transfers, watching videos online, or even sending large email attachments can affect call quality (more on this later).

Even if you aren"t using an ITSP for your primary business circuit, it can make sense to have an ITSP for certain calls such as long distance or overseas calls as well as to handle peak time call overflow. ITSPs are very simple to set up but you may need to do some port forwarding and adjust some network settings to get incoming calls to work and for audio to work correctly..

Where to get more information Aastra SIP Phones The following are the companies and links to their websites to get more information. Linksys SIP Phones and ATAs Grandstream SIP Phones and ATAs Counterpath Softphone Zoiper Softphone Sangoma Telephony Interface Cards VoIP Info General VoIP Information Wiki [ 36 ]. Download at Boykma.Com 2 . Where to buy The hardwa re devices listed above aren"t available at your local electronics store (yet) but are available from reputable online resellers. Voiplink SIP Hardware and trixbox servers.
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