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How to generate, print barcode using .NET, Java sdk library control with example project source code free download:
submenualignment generate, create barcode pdf417 none in software projects C# [ tr , tl ] or [ tl , bl ] for MenuBar TRUE autosubmenudisplay container document.body scrollincrement minscrollheight maxheight 90 0. classname disabled null FALSE Using Element & Button Components Name preventcontextover Software barcode pdf417 lap Default TRUE Explanation A Boolean indicating if a submenu should overlap its parent MenuItem when the constraintoviewport configuration property is set to true. A Boolean indicating if the Menu should have a shadow around it. A Boolean indicating if the Menu should remain open when a click event fires on its DOM.

. shadow keepopen TRUE FALSE The following four Menu configuration properties are only used if the position property is set to dynamic :. Name showdelay Default Software PDF417 250 Explanation A Number indicating the time in milliseconds that should expire before making a submenu visible when mousing over a MenuItem. A Number indicating the time in milliseconds that should expire before hiding a submenu. A Number indicating the time in milliseconds that should expire before attempting to hide the submenu when the mouse is moving from MenuItem to the submenu.

This value must be greater than or equal to the showdelay configuration property. A Boolean indicating if the Menu should hide automatically when a click event fires outside of it..

hidedelay submenuhidedelay 0 250. clicktohide TRUE The Menu and MenuItem c lasses to not implement AttributeProvider, instead they inherit a different mechanism for managing the configuration from the Module class. The configuration is stored on the cfg property of the instantiated object. You can use the cfg.

getProperty() function fetch the value of a property and the cfg.setProperty() function to update the value of the property..

There s more... By default submenus wil l inherit the configuration of their parent Menu. This causes the submenus to behave like their parent Menu, unless you configure an property on a submenu, which will override the parent Menu. However, if you update a property using the cfg.

setProperty() function of the parent Menu, then the property change will cascade to the submenus, possibly overriding any property variations you made to submenus.. 8 . See also... See the recipe, Configu Software PDF417 ring Container Objects in the next , to learn more about the configuration properties not discussed in this recipe.. Subscribing to events on menu objects Menu and MenuItem objec Software pdf417 ts provided support for subscribing to DOM events and various Menu related CustomEvents. This recipe will explain the available CustomEvents: when they fire, what data is available in the event handler functions, and how to use them..

Getting ready For this recipe we will Software barcode pdf417 use the following Menu instance:. var aItems = [ { text: Item 1 , submenu: { id: mySubmenuId1 , itemdata: [ Item 1 Sub-Item 1 , Item 1 Sub-Item 2 ] } }, { text: Item 2 }, { text: Item 3 , submenu: new YAHOO.widget.Menu( mySubmenuId2 , { itemdata: [ Item 3 Sub-Item 1 ] }) } ]; var myMenuConf = {}; var myMenu = new YAHOO.

widget.Menu( myMenuId , myMenuConf); var myMenuContainer = document.body; myMenu.

addItems(aItems); myMenu.render(myMenuContainer);;.

Using Element & Button Components How to do it... Subscribing to a DOM ev Software PDF 417 ent is a little different on Menu objects:. var data = extra data ; var eventHandler = function(type, aArgs, oData) { var oEvent = aArgs[0], oMenuItem = aArgs[1]; // data == oData }; myMenu.subscribe( click , eventHandler, data);. The Menu objects inheri PDF 417 for None ts events from is parent classes, the show and hide are events that are particularly useful:. var eventHandler = func tion(sName, aArgs, oData) { YAHOO.log( Fired a + sName + event ); }; myMenu.subscribe( show , eventHandler, {/* data object */ }); myMenu.

subscribe( hide , eventHandler, {/* data object */ });. Besides the DOM events, pdf417 for None you may also subscribe to the following Menu related events:. var eventHandler = func tion(sName, aArgs, oData) { YAHOO.log( Fired a + sName + event ); var menuItem = aArgs[0]; }; var data = { /* data object */ }; myMenu.subscribe( itemAdded , eventHandler, data); myMenu.

subscribe( itemRemoved , eventHandler, data);. Additionally, you can s PDF-417 2d barcode for None ubscribe to property changes on the configuration object:. var evtHandler = functi on(sName, aArgs, oData) { YAHOO.log( Fired a + sName + event ); YAHOO.log( The new value is + aArgs[0]); }; var data = { /* data object */ }; myMenu.

cfg.subscribeToConfigEvent( classname , evtHandler, o); myMenu.cfg.

subscribeToConfigEvent( disabled , evtHandler, o); myMenu.cfg.subscribeToConfigEvent( visible , evtHandler, o);.

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