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How it works... use software pdf417 integrated toassign barcode pdf417 with software .NET Framework 1.1 The DataTable keeps interna Software pdf417 l references to track the selected rows, columns, and cells. A class is applied to each selected cell to make the UI appear selected. The built in functions: onEventSelectRow, onEventSelectCell, onEventSelectColumn handle all the necessary logic behind selecting the cells, such as determining what was clicked, the Td elements that should be selected, and then applies the selection style.

The Custom Events are fired regardless of whether a row is selected or unselected manually or programatically.. 11 . When selecting rows there a PDF 417 for None re two selection modes: standard and single. The standard enables the control and shift modification keys that allow you to select multiple rows, while single limits selection a single row at a time. When selecting cells there are three selection modes: cellblock, cellrange, and singlecell.

The first two modify the way that cells are selected when holding the shift key. The cellblock mode will select all the cells in a block from the first cell to the second. The cellrange mode will select all cells in the rows between the first cell and the second.

The singlecell mode only allows one cell to be selected at a time. Remember to use the right event handler with the mode you select, onEventSelectRow for row selection modes, and onEventSelectCell for cell selection modes. Most select modes are intuitive as to how they will select cells, however the following two images (cellblock, followed by cellrange) show the difference between the two modes: When fetching selected cells, columns, and rows each data type returns a different type of array.

Fetching a list of selected cells will return an array containing object primitives with two string properties: recordId and columnKey. Fetching a list of selected columns will return an array of Column objects. And fetching a list of selected rows will return an array of string row id attributes.

The getLastSelectedCell and getLastSelectedRow functions return a single value of the same object. The isSelected function accepts just about any DataTable related object and will tell you if it is selected. You may pass it a Record, Record index, Column, cell primitive, any Tr, Th, or Td element, or a string id reference to one of those elements.

You can write your own selection handlers as well. The callback for most events provides an value, which can be used to find a cell, column or row.

Then call the appropriate selection method. This is very similar to how the built in selection handlers work..

There"s more... One common UI paradigm with Software pdf417 2d barcode DataTables is that rows are selected when a user checks a checkbox. Using the checkbox formatter that was setup as Column 1, you can setup your DataTable to select rows when the user checks that checkbox:. myDataTable.subscribe("chec kboxClickEvent", function (oArgs) { var elCheckbox =, elRow = this.

getTrEl(elCheckbox); if(elCheckbox.checked) { this.selectRow(elRow); } else { this.

unselectRow(elRow); } });. Using DataTable Component F Software pdf417 rankly, you could use just about any event to trigger selection. You will have to decide which ones meet your needs. Unselecting All Columns: There does not exist a function to unselect all columns, but you can easily create your own:.


prot otype.unselectAllColumns = function() { var aColumns = this.getSelectedColumns(); for (var i=aColumns.

length-1; 0<=i; i-=1) { this.unselectColumn(aColumns[i]); } };. Skinning the Selected Cells PDF 417 for None If you need to override the default skinning of the selected style, you can apply a rule to the yui-dt-selected class. Here is a rule that sets the background-color to gray and the text to white:. #myDataTableId .yui-dt-sele cted { border-color: #999; color: #FFF; }. Inline cell editing One of the more powerful fe atures of the DataTable is the ability to have editable data and cells. There are a variety of built in cell editors, and this recipe will show you how to use each of them..

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