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Nagios using software togenerate qr bidimensional barcode in web,windows application Web application framework There is an abundance of QR Code 2d barcode for None networking tools for monitoring, sniffing, and scanning. Two of my favorites are Cacti and Nagios. Cacti is a monitoring tool similar to Munin, but it seems more powerful.

Nagios is a tool designed to monitor machines and services. With Nagios you can not only determine if a server is still answering pings, but can also check for services by accessing them (as an example, the samba or HTTP protocols) and trigger actions when the service is not available. You can have your Nagios machine send you an SMS if your OpenVPN tunnel is down, or if the management interface is not responding.

A valid configuration file for this complex piece of software could be:. # /usr/local/nagios/etc/ vpnendpoint # Uses Ping check if host is available # Define the host to check define host{ use generic-switch host_name vpn01 alias Netherland - OpenVPN Endpoint address 10.99.1.

3 hostgroups vpns } # Define a hostgroup define hostgroup{ hostgroup_name alias }. vpns VPN Endpoints # Define a Nagios servic e (add your own services like SSH or SMB here) define service{ use generic-service host_name vpn01 service_description PING check_command check_ping!200.0,20%!800.0,80% normal_check_interval 5 retry_check_interval 1 } [ 311 ].

Download at WoweBook.Com Troubleshooting and Monitoring Three paragraphs, and th QR Code JIS X 0510 for None at"s it. While the first defines a host to check and its name in the Nagios frontend, the second sets up a host group, and the final a service. For a VPN a simple ping check of the VPN endpoints should do, but for checking if the routing to your servers still works, it may make more sense to check the availability of, for example, the samba services of a file server for Windows behind the other VPN endpoint.

This is what the configuration in the Nagios web frontend looks like:. Finally, one last small but efficient tool to look at. Ralf Hildebrandt has rewritten David Schweickert"s mailgraph and adapted it to OpenVPN"s needs. OpenVPNgraph can be downloaded from http://computerbeschimpfung.

de/ openvpngraph.tar.gz, a README file with three simple steps for installation is included.

Just make sure that rrdtools is installed on your system and after some hours, days, weeks, or months you will have statistics like those in the next image. The following screenshot shows a big OpenVPN server"s daily statistics, the first curve shows a maximum of 75 users connected simultaneously, with only 2 failed and one double login. With this tool the admin can show that most VPN clients connect around noon and in the evening, while at night the numbers go down significantly.

The second diagram reveals the amount of received and sent packages over the VPN interface: More than 7000 KByte/s are possible, as the peak shows, but during the day a maximum of just 200 Kbyte/s or so are needed, the average is about 54 Kbyte/s. Pretty few, isn"t it . [ 312 ]. OpenVPNgraph Download at WoweBook.Com 15 . By scrolling further dow QRCode for None n in OpenVPNgraph, this tiny tool (a big thanks to Ralf Hildebrandt!) reveals weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics. The longer it is running, the more interesting the diagrams become..

In this chapter we have learned how to check OpenVPN and networking setup step-by-step using standard Linux tools and evaluating their output. With tools such as ifconfig, ping, traceroute, and mtr, we could analyze the flow of datagrams between VPN servers and connected networks. Programs like tcpdump, iptraf, ntop, munin, nagios, and OpenVPNgraph give us detailed information about the current state, traffic, or statistical breakdowns of it.

The first place start troubleshooting should always be the log or status file of OpenVPN itself especially at a higher level of verbosity.. Summary. [ 313 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Download at WoweBook.Com Internet Resources and More 1 A concise but easy ex planation of the OSI model can be found in Wikipedia:.
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