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Cisco SDM Wizards use awt code 39 full ascii printing toprint uss code 39 for java Visual Studio .NET Introduction Cisco SDM provide barcode 3/9 for Java s a number of wizards to help you configure a Cisco ISR router. After you have selected a task from the task area in the Cisco SDM GUI, the task pane allows you to select a wizard. Check http://www. for the latest information about the Cisco SDM wizards and the interfaces they support..

Locking Down a Router with SDM One such wizard i barcode code39 for Java s the SDM one-step lockdown wizard, which implements almost all the security configurations that Cisco AutoSecure offers. It tests your router configuration for potential security problems and automatically makes any necessary configuration changes to correct any problems found. You access the one-step lockdown wizard from the Configure GUI interface by clicking the Security Audit task, as shown in Figure 4-51.

Then you click the One-step lockdown button. SDM displays a warning related to the wizard, as shown in Figure 4-52..

4: Network Security Figure 4-51 Security Audit Wizard Figure 4-52 SDM Warning Dialog Box SDM then analyzes Code 39 Extended for Java the current router configurations and implements best-practice security suggestions, as shown in Figure 4-53.. Accessing the WAN, CCNA Exploration Companion Guide Figure 4-53 One-Step Lockdown in Operation The final step in the process is to deliver the suggested configuration to the actual device, as shown in Figure 4-54.. Figure 4-54 Deliver Commands Do not assume tha t the network is secure simply because you executed a one-step lockdown. In addition, not all the features of Cisco AutoSecure are implemented in Cisco SDM. AutoSecure features that are implemented differently in Cisco SDM include the following:.

Disables SNMP and jsp Code 39 does not configure SNMP version 3. Enables and configures SSH on crypto Cisco IOS images. Does not enable Service Control Point or disable other access and file transfer services, such as FTP.

. 4: Network Security Secure Router Management Periodically, the router requires updates to be loaded to either the operating system or the configuration file. These updates are necessary to fix known security vulnerabilities, support new features that allow more advanced security policies, or improve performance..

Note It is not al ANSI/AIM Code 39 for Java ways a good idea to upgrade to the very latest version of Cisco IOS software. Many times that release is not stable..

Maintaining Cisco IOS Software Images You must follow c 3 of 9 for Java ertain guidelines when changing the Cisco IOS software on a router. Changes are classified as either updates or upgrades. An update replaces one release with another without upgrading the feature set.

The software might be updated to fix a bug or to replace a release that is no longer supported. Updates are free. An upgrade replaces a release with one that has an upgraded feature set.

The software might be upgraded to add new features or technologies or replace a release that is no longer supported. Upgrades are not free. Cisco.

com offers guidelines to help you determine which method applies. Cisco recommends that you follow a four-phase migration process to simplify network operations and management. When you follow a repeatable process, you can also benefit from reduced costs in operations, management, and training.

The four phases are as follows:. Plan: Set goals, identify resources, profile network hardware and software, and create a preliminary schedule for migrating to new releases. Design: Choose new Cisco IOS releases and create a strategy for migrating to the releases. Implement: Schedule and execute the migration.

Operate: Monitor the migration progress and make backup copies of images that are running on your network.. A number of tools jboss Code 39 Full ASCII available on help you migrate Cisco IOS software. You can use the tools to get information about releases, feature sets, platforms, and images.

The following tools do not require a login:. Cisco IOS Referen ce Guide: Covers the basics of the Cisco IOS software family. Cisco IOS software technical documents: Documentation for each release of Cisco IOS software..

Accessing the WAN, CCNA Exploration Companion Guide Cisco Feature Nav igator: Finds releases that support a set of software features and hardware, and compares releases.. The following too j2ee Code39 ls require valid login accounts:. Download Software : Cisco IOS software downloads. Bug Toolkit: Searches for known software fixes based on software version, feature set, and keywords. Software Advisor: Compares releases, matches Cisco IOS software and Cisco Catalyst OS features to releases, and finds out which software release supports a given hardware device.

Cisco IOS Upgrade Planner: Finds releases by hardware, release, and feature set, and downloads images of Cisco IOS software.. To see a complete list o tomcat 3 of 9 barcode f tools available on, go to


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