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WinForms The symbol * means that the message will be sent to all members of the domain. 3. If no firewall has been implemented on the network adapter that connects to the Internet, you should disconnect it at this time.

The connection to the local network remains. 4. On SBS 2000 you should now stop all applications that use the local system account.

If these applications are active at the time of the upgrade, they could lock the operating system files thus preventing them from being updated. To find out which applications use the local system account, enter the command services.msc under Run.

Check for which applications Local System is displayed in the column Log in as. Note the start type of each of these services and stop it. 5.

Finally, stop all real-time virus protection programs and other hard drive tools such as backup software.. Step 1 Installation With the in stallation of SBS 2003 the operating system of the existing SBS 2000 is upgraded. After the upgrade installation is complete, no settings may be changed on the server until the task list that appears after the installation has been worked through. The upgrade installation takes about 45 minutes on a server meeting minimum hardware requirements.

. Step 2 Configuration of Windows The install ation of the operating system is followed by the configuration of Windows by SBS 2003. To put it more precisely, you are presented with the task list described in detail in 2 even in an upgrade. The tasks are described only briefly here.

About half an hour is required to complete the task list. You must log on to the system using the administrator account. Clicking the appropriate desktop link will take you to the page Continue Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Setup.

Here, click on Next. Enter the following configuration information in sequence: Company information: Verify the existing information about your company here. Login information: Select the Automatic login option so you do not have to enter the username and password after each restart.

. 3 . Windows con figuration: Here you will see the Windows components that must be installed first before you can proceed further. Click on Next..

You will th none for none en see the Component Status dialog box that informs you about the installation and configuration status. This installation and configuration phase takes about 20 minutes. If the Component Selection dialog box is displayed, the installation of the components is over and you can install the server applications of SBS 2003.

. Step 3 Installation of Server Applications Now the exi none none sting server applications, for example Exchange and the system tools, are upgraded. In a standard installation this step takes 1.5 hours.

Even if SQL Server 2000 is installed on SBS 2003, an instance of Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) is installed during the installation of SharePoint Services. This, however, has no effect on SQL Server 2000. In the Component Selection dialog box all the components required for the installation are listed.

In the Data Folder dialog box you can enter an alternative storage location for Internet files. Moreover, you must also specify a storage location here for applications that were not installed under SBS 2000. You can view the settings just made in the Component Summary dialog box and make changes if required.

As before, the Component Status dialog box informs you about the status of the installation. If problems or errors occur during the installation, you will see the Component Message dialog. Any messages, including error messages, are displayed.

You will then see the Finishing the Installation dialog. Click on Finish and then on OK. The system is then restarted.

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