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GPU 3D acceleration use jvm qr code iso/iec18004 encoder toproduce qr code on java QR Code Module Size and Area Real-time rendering of 3D QR Code JIS X 0510 for Java scenes is a very complex process. On one hand, we have a screen capable of showing 2D images (X and Y), but on the other hand, we have 3D models in a 3D world (X, Y, and Z). There is a very easy to understand asymmetry problem.

Therefore, in order to show the 3D scene in a 2D screen, a rendering process must create a 2D image. [ 124 ]. 4 . in a specific resolution t hat shows the portion of the whole 3D world seen by the lens of an active camera. The screen can display the resulting 2D image. The rendering process for a single frame requires thousands of complex mathematics operations.

We need a performance of at least 30 FPS to create a responsive 3D game. For this reason, the real-time rendering process will require hundreds of thousands of mathematics operations per second. Therefore, there is specialized hardware dedicated to accelerating real-time 3D rendering processes.

We have already talked about GPUs. WPF and XBAP WPF applications take advantage of the presence of GPUs to perform real-time 3D rendering processes. Hence, they can offer great performance for 3D games that need to render complex models.

. So far, Silverlight 3 does awt Denso QR Bar Code not offer the possibility to use a GPU to perform realtime 3D rendering processes. When working with Silverlight, we will have to use software based rendering. This means that the rendering process will run on the CPU(s) and their available processing cores.

Hence, if we need more power for our game, we can take advantage of XBAP WPF applications" advanced capabilities.. Understanding meshes In the following diagram, qr bidimensional barcode for Java we can see the wire-mesh view of the 3D model that represents the spaceship:. [ 125 ]. Working with 3D Characters This mesh defines the spac eship using many primitive elements (points, lines, triangles, and polygons). We can use materials and textures to paint and envelope the different faces. As we can see, this is a wire-mesh with a low polygon counts.

This is very important, because 3D DCC tools are able to work with meshes with hundreds of thousands of polygons. However, they would require too much processing time to successfully render them in real-time. We must remember that we must show at least 30 FPS.

. We can understand how to w javabean Denso QR Bar Code ork with meshes using 3D DCC tools. They will provide us an interactive experience with the 3D models and we will be able to use this knowledge in developing 3D games that interact with meshes and models..

We are going to work with 3D DCC tools in order to create the 3D models and their meshes for our games.. Time for action using other XAML exporter for DCC tools The 3D digital artist has to develop new models for the game. However, he is going to develop them using 3D Studio Max. He wants to see a few spheres in the scene to check whether the XAML exporter he found works fine or not.

Now, we are going to convert the model to the XAML file format using an open source XAML exporter for 3D Studio Max:. Download the most recent r spring framework qrcode elease of the XAML exporter for 3D Studio Max from

. Timmy Kokke (Sorskoot) dev eloped the XAML exporter for 3D Studio Max as an open source project in CodePlex.. 2. 3..

Save all the uncompressed files in a new folder (C:\Silverlight3D\ Invaders3D\3DModels\MAX_XAML_EXPORTER). The decompression process will create three files:, Main.

ms, and Now, start 3D Studio Max.

. 3D Studio Max is commercia awt QR-Code l software. However, you can download a free fully functional 30-day trial for non-commercial use from Autodesk"s website: http://usa.autodesk.

com/. [ 126 ]. 4 . Add three spheres using 15 segments and assign each one a material, as shown in the following screenshot:. It is very important to as j2ee QR-Code sign a material to each element, because if there is an element without a material, the script used to export to XAML will not work. If you are facing problems, remember that the 3D digital artist left the spheres.max file in the following folder (C:\Silverlight3D\Invaders3D\3DModels\SPHERES).

Save the file using the name spheres.max in the aforementioned folder. Select MAXScript .

Run script . Browse to th e folder in which you decompressed the export scripts (C:\Silverlight3D\Invaders3D\3DModels\MAX_XAML_ EXPORTER) and choose

Then, click on Open. A new window will appear showing the title Max2Xaml. Click on Export.

Browse to the same folder in which you saved the original 3D Studio Max model and enter spheres.xaml in the Name textbox. Then, click on Save.

The exporter will show the XAML output. Now, the model is available as an XAML resource dictionary..

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