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Introducing A2Billing using barcode generator for .net control to generate, create pdf417 image in .net applications. WinForms A2Billing has been ar visual .net barcode pdf417 ound for a number of years now, it"s actively supported and a quick look at its forum (http://forum.asterisk2billing.

org) shows posts everyday. At the time of writing, the current version of A2Billing is 1.3.

The 1.4 version is in Beta and due for release in July 2009. The development team is open to new ideas and requests, and A2Billing 1.

4 goes a long way to making this a carrier-grade product.. Reasons to consider A2Billing Support: It"s well su VS .NET pdf417 pported with lots of long-time contributors. Easy to install: The installation document is extremely well written and complete.

Easy integration: Unlike a number of other solutions, it doesn"t mess too much with your existing dialplan. You simply need to add a few lines of code and that"s it. Scalable: You can point lots of Asterisk servers to a single instance of the database.

. [ 113 ]. Download at Boykma.Com Call Accounting and Billing Reporting: Clear conc PDF-417 2d barcode for .NET ise reports showing call costs and profits are available. Invoicing: It enables sending invoices to your customers via email.

. And the list goes on, but as mentioned previously, it"s well supported!. A2Billing requirements Apache 2 PostgreSQL 8.0 or MySQL 5.0 PHP 5 Asterisk 1.2.24+ or Asterisk 1.4.0+ Suhosin security patc h for PHP is strongly recommended PHP-PGSQL or PHP-MySQL php-pcntl php-gettext PHPAGI (included with A2Billing). Monitoring usage Monitoring your profi t margin is essential, and the sample report below shows how easy it is with A2Billing:. [ 114 ]. Download at Boykma.Com 6 . The following table s hows the number of calls across the day and the daily costs:. TOTAL ASTERISK MINUTE visual .net pdf417 S DATE 2009-01-02 2009-01-03 2009-01-04 TOTAL DURATION 2333:09 1636:47 443:28 4413:24 GRAPHIC CALLS 3139 1805 467 5411 ACT 00:44 00:54 00:56 00.48 TOTAL SELL 88.

758 GBP 42.472 GBP 11.046 GBP 142.

275 GBP TOTAL BUY 45.262 GBP 14.376 GBP 5.

257 GBP 64.895 GBP TOTAL PROFIT 43.496 GBP 28.

096 GBP 5.789 GBP 77.381 GBP.

Do you think A2Billin g is only capable of handling light volumes Have a look at the following statistics:. These are "real" call pdf417 for .NET s and not "test" ones, I should add!. [ 115 ]. Download at Boykma.Com Call Accounting and Billing Once you"ve entered a VS .NET barcode pdf417 ll of your customers, you"re reminded that you need to update the config file. Click on update and the customer details for SIP or IAX are written out.

It"ll even reload the configs for you. Adding the functionality is pretty straightforward. In your extensions.

conf file, simply add:. [a2billing] exten =&g t; _X.,1,noop(---------------- ${EXTEN} --------) exten => _X.,2,Wait(1) exten => _X.

,3,DeadAGI,a2billing.php exten => _X.,4,Wait,2 exten => _X.

,5,Hangup. Coding for A2Billing It"s really that simp le A2Billing allows you to create SIP and IAX entries which are stored as flat files, and, the account code is set to the main account for that customer. When a call is placed, that account code is passed to the PHP script and it bills accordingly. The installation instructions are very comprehensive and lead you through the steps one by one.

. Billing gotcha!. There are occasions w hen Asterisk does not account for calls as one might expect it to. Consider this scenario you"re hosting a customer that simply has IP phones attached to your server. They discover (on reading the manual) that they can divert calls after a given number of rings.

When an inbound call hits the phone, it will send back a "temporary moved message" and then initiate a call which cannot be accounted for. The culprit is the local channel driver. A local channel is created on a transfer, and then deleted once the call is bridged.

To overcome this, we use the "i" option in the Dial() command, which disables the feature. Asterisk will ignore any forwarding requests it may receive on this dial attempt (new in version 1.4).

It is useful if you are ringing a group of people and one person has set their phone to something (for example, forwarded direct to voicemail) that normally prevents any of the other phones from ringing.. [ 116 ].
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