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Semicolons Terminate SQL Statements using none tointegrate none on web,windows applicationqr code generator c# The semicolon is t none none he standard way to terminate each query statement. Some database systems don"t require the semicolon, but MySQL does (exceptions are the USE and QUIT commands), and if you forget it, you will see a secondary prompt, and execution will go on hold until you add the semicolon..

RFID Naming Conventions A database and its none for none tables are easier to read when good naming conventions are used. For example, it makes good sense to make table names plural and field/column names singular. Why Because a table called Shippers normally holds more than one shipper, but the name of the field used to describe each shipper is a single value, such as his company_name, phone, etc.

The first letter in a table or field name is usually capitalized. Compound names, such as "company_name," are usually separated by the underscore, with the first letter of each word capitalized, "Company_Name". Spaces and dashes are not allowed in any name in the database.

. Reserved Words All languages have none none a list of reserved words that have special meaning to the language. Most of these words will be used in this chapter. The SQL reserved words are listed in Table 17.

1. (See MySQL documentation for a complete list of all reserved words.).

Table 17.1. SQL Reserved Words CREATE INSERT FROM ORDER BY CROSS JOIN DROP UPDATE INTO GROUP BY FULL JOIN LIMIT OR ALTER SELECT ON JOIN RIGHT JOIN DELETE SET WHERE LEFT JOIN AND LIKE AS Case Sensitivity Database and table names are case sensitive if you are using UNIX and not if you are using Windows. A convention is to always use lowercase names for databases and their tables. SQL commands are not case sensitive.

For example, the following SQL statements are equally valid: show databases; SHOW DATABASES;. Although SQL comma none none nds are not case sensitive, by convention, SQL keywords are capitalized for clarity, whereas only the first letter of the field, table, and database names is capitalized. SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE FirstName="John". For performing pat tern matching with the LIKE and NOT LIKE commands, then the pattern being searched for is case sensitive when using MySQL.. The Result Set A result set is ju st another table created to hold the results from a SQL query. Most database software systems even allow you to perform operations on the result set with functions, such as: Move-To-First-Record, GetRecord-Content, Move-To-Next-Record, etc. In the following example, the result set is the table created by asking MySQL to show all the fields in the table called "shippers".

. Figure 17.12. The result set is just a table produced from a query. [View full size image]. 17.3. Getting Started with MySQL 17.3.1. Why MySQL MySQL is an open s none none ource,[3] full-featured relational database management system and has been ported to most platforms, including Linux, Windows, OS/X, HP-UX, AIX, etc. MySQL is portable (runs on Linux, Windows, OS/X, HP-UX, etc.), fast, reliable, scalable, and easy to use.

. MySQL is free use for those who are 100% GPL. See http://www.mysql.

com/company/legal/licensing/opensource-license.html for details..

It claims to be in none for none stalled in more than 10 million computers all over the world, including Antarctica! There are two versions, one where you buy a commercial license and one that is free, free meaning you can use MySQL in any application as long as you don"t copy, modify, or distribute the MySQL software. MySQL supports a number of APIs (application programming interfaces), including Perl, PHP, TCL, Python, C/C++, Java, etc. When working with MySQL, a number of like-name terms are used.

Table 17.2 is provided to help clarify the use of these terms..

Table 17.2. The Te rms in MySQL, etc.

mySQL mysqld mysql monitor mysql mysqladmin The actual software for the database management system The MySQL daemon, or server process The monitor where MySQL commands are issued (command-line interpreter) The name of the database MySQL uses to manage access privileges A MySQL utility program for administering the database. 17.3.2. Installing MySQL Here we assume you have installed a database server and it is running. Downloading and installing MySQL is usually a straightforward process. You can get MySQL from the mysql.

com Web site or use integrated applications, such as XAMPP or WAMP. XAMPP (for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Solaris) is a free, easy-to-install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP, and Perl. All you have to do is download, extract, and start it up.

For details, go to

html. For complete installation instructions, go to this Web page..

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