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Delimiters use vs .net ean13+2 drawer toadd gs1-13 in .net What is GS1 DataBar A character called a delimite EAN-13 Supplement 2 for .NET r usually marks the beginning and end of a regular expression. The delimiter is always a special character for the regular expression it delimits (that is, it does not represent itself but marks the beginning and end of the expression).

Although vim permits the use of other characters as a delimiter and grep does not use delimiters at all, the regular expressions in this appendix use a forward slash (/) as a delimiter. In some unambiguous cases, the second delimiter is not required. For example, you can sometimes omit the second delimiter when it would be followed immediately by RETURN.

. Simple Strings The most basic regular expres EAN13 for .NET sion is a simple string that contains no special characters except the delimiters. A simple string matches only itself (Table A-1).

In the examples in this appendix, the strings that are matched are underlined and look like this.. Table A-1. Regular expression /ring/ /Thursday/ /or not/. Simple strings Matches ring Thursday or not Examples ring, spring, ringing, stringing Thursday, Thursday s or not, poor nothing Special Characters You can use special character s within a regular expression to cause the regular expression to match more than one string. A regular expression that includes a. Special Characters special character always matc hes the longest possible string, starting as far toward the beginning (left) of the line as possible.. Periods A period (.) matches any char acter (Table A-2)..

Table A-2. Regular expression / .alk/ /.ing/.

Periods Matches All strings consisting of a S VS .NET GTIN-13 PACE followed by any character followed by alk All strings consisting of any character preceding ing. Examples will talk, may balk sing song, ping, before inglenook Brackets Brackets ( []) define a chara visual .net EAN/UCC-13 cter class1 that matches any single character within the brackets (Table A-3). If the first character following the left bracket is a caret (^), the brackets define a character class that matches any single character not within the brackets.

You can use a hyphen to indicate a range of characters. Within a character-class definition, backslashes and asterisks (described in the following sections) lose their special meanings. A right bracket (appearing as a member of the character class) can appear only as the first character following the left bracket.

A caret is special only if it is the first character following the left bracket. A dollar sign is special only if it is followed immediately by the right bracket..

Table A-3. Regular expression /[bB]ill/ /t[aeiou].k/ /# [6 9]/ /[^a zA Z]/. Brackets Matches Member of the character class b and B followed by ill t followed by a lowercase vowel, any character, and a k # followed by a SPACE and a member of the character class 6 through 9 Any character that is not a letter (ASCII character set only). Examples bill, Bill, billed talkative, stink, teak, tanker # 60, # 8:, get # 9 1, 7, @, ., }, Stop!. 1. GNU documentation calls th EAN 13 for .NET ese List Operators and defines Character Class operators as expressions that match a predefined group of characters, such as all numbers (page 1140).

. 1092 Appendix A Regular Expressions Asterisks An asterisk can follow a regu lar expression that represents a single character (Table A-4). The asterisk represents zero or more occurrences of a match of the regular expression. An asterisk following a period matches any string of characters.

(A period matches any character, and an asterisk matches zero or more occurrences of the preceding regular expression.) A character-class definition followed by an asterisk matches any string of characters that are members of the character class..

Table A-4. Regular expression /ab*c/ /ab.*c/ /t.*ing/ /[a z EAN13 for .

NET A Z ]*/ /(.*)/ /([^)]*)/. Asterisks Matches a followed by zero or more b .NET ean13+5 s followed by ac ab followed by zero or more characters followed by c t followed by zero or more characters followed by ing A string composed only of letters and. SPACEs Examples ac, abc, abbc, debbcaabbbc ab c, abxc, ab45c, xab 756.345 x cat thing, ting, I thought of going 1. any string without numbers or punctuation! Get (this) and (that); (this), Get (this and that).

As long a string as possible .NET EAN/UCC-13 between ( and ) The shortest string possible that starts with ( and ends with ).
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