Creating a Shopping Cart in Java Integration qr bidimensional barcode in Java Creating a Shopping Cart

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Creating a Shopping Cart use applet qr-codes encoding toinsert qr barcode on java Scan GS1 BarCodes echo "<h1>Products P swing QR Code ISO/IEC18004 urchased</h1>"; echo echo echo echo echo echo "<table cellpadding=10>"; "<th></th>"; "<th>Product</th>"; "<th>Quantity</th>"; "<th>Price</th>"; "<th>Total</th>";. while($itemsrow = mysql_fe tch_assoc($itemsres)) { $quantitytotal = $itemsrow["price"] * $itemsrow["quantity"]; echo "<tr>"; if(empty($itemsrow["image"])) { echo "<td><img src="./productimages/dummy.jpg" width="50" alt="" .

$itemsrow["name"] . ""></td>"; } else { echo "<td><img src="./productimages/" .

$itemsrow["image"] . "" width="50" alt="" . $itemsrow["name"] .

""></td>"; } echo "<td>" . $itemsrow["name"] . "</td>"; echo "<td>" .

$itemsrow["quantity"] . " x </td>"; echo "<td><strong>£" . sprintf("%.

2f", $itemsrow["price"]) . "</strong></td>"; echo "<td><strong>£" . sprintf("%.

2f", $quantitytotal) . "</strong></td>"; echo "</tr>"; } echo "<tr>"; echo "<td></td>"; echo "<td></td>"; echo "<td></td>"; echo "<td>TOTAL</td>"; echo "<td><strong>£" . sprintf("%.

2f", $total) . "</strong></td>"; echo "</tr>"; echo "</table>"; require("footer.php"); >.

Practical PHP and MySQL This code should look fami liar you to you; it simply displays details from the orders, orderitems, and delivery_addresses tables. The completed page should look like the one shown in Figure 6-10..

FIGURE 6-10 The order summary in the admin interface SUMMARY Within this project, a num Java Denso QR Bar Code ber of different skills are tied together to create a consistent product. Although you scratched only the surface of the possible features you could add to a shopping cart system, you developed the core functionality. You could make a huge range of possible additions, including the following:.

Send confirmation emails t o the user and the admin when an order is complete. Provide a random product box on the front page. This could be used to display an image of a product to attract users.

. Creating a Shopping Cart Create a ratings system in which users can review a product. Create a comments and reviews system so that users can leave their thoughts on how effective a product is. Create sales reports.

. You can develop each of th qr-codes for Java ese possible additions by using the skills already covered in this book. Just sit back, sketch an initial idea of how to code the feature, and then hack it in..

This page intentionally left blank CHAPTER Building an Online Auction Site If you wander around the I jdk Denso QR Bar Code nternet, you will likely find only a handful of people who have never visited or used eBay. This popular auction site has become part and parcel of Internet life for many users, and an afternoon can be easily whiled away browsing for all sorts of items. In this chapter, you will create your own auction site.

Rather than creating a successor to eBay, the aim of this project is to teach you many of the concepts involved in coding an auction site. And many of these concepts come in handy when working with other projects. An example of this is the core feature of dealing with bids.

You can apply the same logic used to deal with bidding to online voting sites, polls, quizzes, and more. As such, the benefit of this chapter is not so much the product you have at the end, but the journey you traveled to create it..

PROJECT OVERVIEW This project implements th QR Code for Java e following core features of an auction site:. The page displays a series of different categories for different types of items. On the front page, a list of items will be available for all categories. The user can click a category name to view items within it.

Only items before the bid deadline are displayed. The user can register and log in to the site. The user can view an item complete with pictures and place a bid.

The users can add items complete with pictures to the site. When an auction is complete, the owner of the item and the winning bidder receive email messages that include the details of the closing auction..

Practical PHP and MySQL From the outset, an auctio n site seems quite straightforward to build. In reality, there are a few interesting challenges that can test the scope of your PHP and SQL knowledge. As such, this project will add some useful new skills to your toolbox.

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