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23. using .net vs 2010 toaccess code-128b on web,windows application ASP.NET and Visual Web Developer Research And Work On The Internet Che c his Out kT Flying Colours Looking for fla Visual Studio .NET Code 128 gs of the world Visit http://www.fotw.

net/flags and search for a flag by clicking interactive maps or entering keywords. The flags can be downloaded as GIF image files and each is accompanied by a page of fascinating historical background..

Zooming out for a global view, there s a mass of information available. If you need to check up on a time zone in a hurry, head along to http://tycho.usno.

navy. mil/tzones.html, a US Navy site, and click the initial letter of the country you re interested in.

For a slower, but stylishly interactive, way of reaching similar information, the WorldTime site at will keep you clicking around in fascination for ages as you zoom in and out and switch between night and day.

. Change The World There are a num ber of pressure groups and organizations dedicated to educating and improving the world and you ll find many of them online. If you know the name of a particular organization or society, try entering it into your favourite search engine; if you don t, enter descriptive keywords such as wildlife protection. Here are a few organizations you might want to visit: Organization Amnesty International OneWorld.

net Friends Of The Earth Greenpeace International Save The Children Web Site URL

uk http://www. http://www. http://www.oneworld.

org/scf. The Universe And Beyond!. If you need inf ormation about the rest of our solar system, the obvious starting point is NASA. In fact, the primary NASA site at http://www.nasa.

gov is so immense it s hard to believe you ll ever need another site! Alongside image and film/video galleries, there are sound files, details of new and current missions, information about the types of technology involved, the history of space travel and the NASA organization itself.. Part 3 Getting Things Done If you want to Visual Studio .NET barcode 128 find undiluted Shuttle information, go to http://spaceflight.nasa.

gov. This is an in-depth, but friendly, NASA site about Shuttle and Space Station life, with videos of the spacecraft taken from both inside and out, latest news about the Shuttle programme and a wealth of fascinating information you won t find anywhere else. To boldly go where no man has gone before, head for the Royal Greenwich Observatory at http://www.

uk. The site itself is uninspiring, but its links can lead you to pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope and many more observatories around the world (some of which provide live camera feeds to the Web from their telescopes)..

Visit NASA, and you ll probably never be seen again!. A popular topic Code-128 for .NET of discussion on the Internet, as elsewhere, concerns the existence of little green men (and women, presumably) from outer space, and many Web sites and newsgroups have sprung up to present, discuss, and dispute the evidence for UFOs. The best of these is Mystical Universe at http://mysticaluniverse.

com, which also covers crop circles, ancient civilizations, paranormal phenomena and many more mysteries and unanswered questions. Confirmed UFO addicts will want to check out these sites too: Bufora, the British UFO Research Association, at http://www.bufora. UFO Magazine at http://www.ufomag. 23 . Research And Work On The Internet Alien-UK at h ttp://

uk/alien-uk SETI Institute at Usenet, as usual, can put you in touch with other people around the world interested in the known and unknown universe.

Take a look at the and sci.astro hierarchies, or drop in at alt.

sci.planetary. You ll also find an alt.

paranormal hierarchy and there s a scattering of UFO-related groups that you can track down by filtering the list with ufo.. Education On The Internet Education is at an interesting stage in its online development. Although universities and colleges were among the first sites to appear on the Net, online classes are still few and far between. The technology is there: conferencing programs like NetMeeting (see page 206) can link students to classes using video and sound; coursework can be sent back and forth by email; reference materials can be downloaded by FTP or read from the World Wide Web.

One of the few UK organizations that can provide courses over the Internet, although currently only a few, is the Open University. Their site, at, explains how the system works, and they ll even provide you with the software you need (you ll have to find your own computer, though!). There are details of all the available courses here, and you can apply for a place on a course by email.

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