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Appendix C using barcode encoding for vs .net control to generate, create barcode pdf417 image in vs .net applications. GS1 DataBar bar codes All The Software You ll Ever Need Info-Mac HyperArchive (M acintosh) This is a large collection of Macintosh software at MIT (

edu/HyperArchive.html). It contains lots of files, but it s not very easy to work with.

MacShare It might sound like a financial stake in a Scottish company, but it s actually a great site for well-sorted Mac software, tips, and reference information. TUCOWS (Windows) TUCOWS, which stands for The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software, is a large library of software for Windows, Linux, and the Mac. Go to http://tucows. for this one, shown in the next screenshot.

The TUCOWS site is an excellent place to find all sorts of useful software.. The Consummate Winsock A visual .net PDF 417 pp Page (Windows) Another excellent Windows software archive is at the http://cws.internet.

com Web site. Winsite (Windows) You can find another good Windows archive at the http://www.winsite.

com/ Web site or at the FTP site.

. Part 4 Resources (Everythin g) This site (the http://www.shareware.

com/ Web page) contains a huge collection of software for all major operating systems. You can search for a keyword and come up with all sorts of interesting things here. CNET Downloads Another excellent site for Windows users (although you ll also find software here for Mac, UNIX, Palm and handheld PCs).

Visit, shown in the next figure.

. CNET Downloads uses Yahoo!-style categories to help you track down the software you need. ZDNet Software Library ( Windows) This site ( contains over 10,000 Windows files.

It s well organized, with detailed descriptions. KeyScreen (Windows) This unusual site at http://www.keyscreen.

com (shown in the following figure) only has about 470 programs, but it provides pictures of programs so you can see whether you might like them before you bother downloading.. Appendix C All The Software You ll Ever Need KeyScreen lets you see what the programs look like before you download them. Nonags (Windows 95, 98, NT) This site (at is dedicated to software that has no nags, no time limits, no disabled features, or any other tricks.

Most are really free, a few are shareware Jumbo (Windows, DOS, Macintosh, UNIX) Another excellent site, contains thousands of programs (it claims to have over 300,000).

It also provides a variety of starter kits , collections of programs for decompressing files and checking them for viruses.. Plug-Ins And Viewers You can find many viewer s at the software sites already mentioned, but you can also find them at a few sites specifically created for viewers and plug-ins. You can find links to viewers and plug-ins that will work in Internet Explorer at

com/ie/download/. A good place to find plug-ins for Netscape is at http://home. netscape.

com/plugins. For viewers, you can try http://home. netscape.

com/assist/helper_apps/ or one of the following sites: The NCSA Mosaic Home Page (http://www.ncsa.uiuc.

edu/SDG/ Software/Mosaic). Select the appropriate operating system: Windows, Macintosh, or UNIX and you ll find a link to viewers..

Part 4 Resources The IUMA Gear & Softwa barcode pdf417 for .NET re Pages (http://www.iuma.

com/Gear/page Software.html) for audio and video utilities. Browsers.

com (

This site has links to all sorts of browser-related software and information.. Finding More New software archives ap pdf417 for .NET pear online all the time, many of which are specialized. You can search for more at the search sites discussed in 16.

For example, you can go to Yahoo s page and find links to all sorts of software sites software for amateur radio, CAD (Computer Aided Design), astronomy, and just about everything else.

Also try Pass The Shareware (, a site with loads of links to shareware sites.

. Don t Forget Demos And Drivers Thanks to the Internet, PDF417 for .NET the distribution of demo software has increased greatly. Commercial software publishers often create versions of their software that they give away.

Some of these programs are full working versions that just stop working after a while; others are crippled in some way from the very beginning (perhaps a few important features don t work). These offer a good way to find out if the company s product is worth buying and, in some cases, they even have enough features to make the demo itself worth having. You ll often see these demos advertised in the computer magazines with the URL of the company s Web page.

Many companies also give away software such as the latest drivers for your hardware arsenal. It s worth checking companies home pages periodically to make sure that you re always using the latest version, or go to Ziff-Davis excellent Driver Finder site at http://updates.zdnet.


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