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,, ,Algorithms .WHAT AN ALGORITHM IS Computers! Computers! Computers! Are they the bane of our existence or the most important inve ntion since the discovery of the wheel Certainly there is no denying that computers have changed almost every aspect of our lives. They are used by stockbrokers to track the performance of stocks and to provide guidance as to which should be bought and sold. Much of the blame for the October 1987 North American stock market crash was attributed to computers all giving the same "sell" advice at the same time.

Nowadays, virtually every company puts. personal computers j2ee QR Code JIS X 0510 on the desks of their employees, in the belief that computers both increase productivity and cut revenue losses. Upon discovery of a potential flaw in some part, a car manufacturer is able almost instantly to produce a list of the names and addresses of all the people across North America who have purchased a car containing that particular part. The list of computer applications is literally endless.

But what is a computer A computer is fundamentally just a box containing wires and chips (these. being tiny circuits built onto small boards) all cleverly put together so that the machine can follow qrcode for Java instructions given to it. The box of wires and chips, and peripheral items such as monitor and keyboard, are called hardware; the instructions fed to the machine are called software. Computer programming involves writing software that allows a machine to perform various tasks which, by hand, would be tedious or so time consuming as to be essentially impossible to do.

Machines work incredibly quickly, never get tired, and are excellent at following orders; however, they will only perform as well as the instructions presented to them. One of the oldest adages in the computer business is "Garbage in garbage out!". There are two parts to a computer program.

There is the process or sequence of steps which is necessary to complete the given task and the translation of this process into a language which the computer can understand. In this chapter, we explore the first of these ideas, asking the reader to think about the process or algorithm by which familiar tasks are accomplished. 239.

240 8 Algorithms The word "algorithm QR Code 2d barcode for Java " evolved from the older word "algorism" which is a corruption of the surname of a ninth-century Persian, Abu Ja"far Muhammad ibn Misa al-Khwarizmi, who wrote an important book setting forth rules for performing arithmetic with the arabic numerals 1, 2, 3 ...

we use today." While the older term "algorism" referred primarily to arithmetical rules, "algorithm" today is used in a more general sense as a virtual synonym for "procedure." Its ingredients are an input, an output, and a sequence of precise steps for converting the input to the output.

In 4, we studied the Euclidean algorithm which, upon input of positive integers a and b, outputs the greatest common divisor of a and b through a precise series of steps. As children, after learning the addition rules for single-digit numbers, we were taught a procedure for adding numbers with any number of digits; upon input of two arbitrary integers, the procedure outputs their sum..

5 6 61 9. 71 1. We memorized multip lication tables for single-digit numbers and then were taught a procedure which, upon input of two arbitrary numbers, outputs their product. Folklore has it that Russian peasants have an instinctive and flawless ability to multiply and divide by the number 2 and are able to use this successfully to multiply any two numbers. For example, they would compute 211 x 453 by the scheme shown in Fig 8.

1. Each number on the left is the quotient when the number above it is divided by 2;2 the numbers on the right are the product of 2 and the number above. After reaching I in the left column, the rows containing even numbers on the left are crossed out.

The desired product is then the sum of the numbers which remain uncrossed on the right! 211 105 52 - 26 13 6 3 1 Figure 8.1 x 453 906 1812 3624 7248 14496 28992 57984 95583.
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